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When believers meet to fellowship and engage in such godly conversations by carrying out some of the things Paul narrated above, we are not only refreshed but also built up in our spirit man. The place of meeting of believers should be a place where we come in and receive blessings that are pronounced upon us not only by the word that was preached but also by the conversations, we have amongst ourselves.

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We are living in a generation where true fellowship is lacking in the body of Christ. We have turned fellowship into a mere form of the gathering of believers; gatherings that are sufficient only in numbers but do not generate power.
However, gatherings that are carried out in true fellowship in the Spirit of God will always produce power.
When we fellowship in one accord God pours himself in us. Fellowship is a way to facilitate the workings of the Holy Spirit and it also help us to grow in unity and in harmony.
This book will help you understand the true act of Fellowship which will lead you to develop a strong relationship with God, family, and the Church. It will also give you a basic understanding of how Fellowship is practiced and the benefits it offers.

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2 Bewertungen für POWER OF FELLOWSHIP

  1. admin

    This book has changed my life!

  2. Elisabeth

    Awesome book, thank you for helping me to understand what fellowship really means.
    this is a must read book. i strongly encourage everyone to buy this book.

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